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Touch panels and touch keys are now becoming prevalent in the design of consumer electronic devices and household appliances, because of their technological maturity, user-friendly interface and high reliability. AsiaPro dedicates on Projected Capacitive Touch panel (PCT) and Resistive Touch Panel (RTP), which are the most popular touchscreen technology chosen in the consumer market among the others, including surface capacitive, infrared, surface acoustic wave and etc.

Apple’s iPhone unfolds multi-touch features appealing to a wider consumer base, product designers tend to explore and design more with capacitive touch. It is rapidly becoming the primary draw in most mobile phones, consumer electronic products and white goods.

AsiaPro Technology is led by a dedicated management team and owns a team of technical professionals with over 10-year experiences. Over the years, we have exercised stringent cost control in our operation; we focus on providing reliable and cost effective capacitive and resistive touch panels.

With the introduction of advanced materials such as organic conductive polymer and special printing techniques, we supply transparent, flexible capacitive touch pads and touch keys, which are extra thin and light, flexible and bendable for curve or 3D surface, transparent and high sensitivity for back light illumination. Moreover, we offer Touch Window with perfect flat surface resistive touch panel.

Aside from touch sensors, we also provide complete touch application solutions to simplify from your product design to manufacturing. ASIAPRO provides a full range of touch panels and solutions, no matter you source standard or customized items, we will satisfy you with reliable quality, on time delivery and comprehensive services.


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